Ilva extends its tintometric system

The Ilva Tintometric System should be a business fundamental element, therefore preparation is necessary and it is achievable only with continuous technical training, in order to be regularly updated on the latest developments in terms of new converters, pastas and product performance.

EN 71-3-2013. Migration of soluble metals test

This norm establishes requirements and test methods for the migration of a group of metals that may be contained in the toys and children's furniture, which can be sucked, chewed or swallowed by children.

The test consists in determining the concentration of certain metals from a paint or a tissue, which is solubilised in a similar way of gastric acid in the stomach of a person during the process of digestion.

Soluble elements are extracted from toys materials using conditions which simulate the material remaining in contact with gastric juices form a period of time after swallowing. The final extract is analysed for presence of elements (metals) by ICP-OES, a technique based on atomic emission.

IVM Chemicals, always focused in a constant process of innovation and development, launches these new Converter "Tin Free" (without tin), that complete the current ILVA Tintometric System and meet all the requirements of our customers regarding the new European standard EN 71-3: 2013, part 3, which deals with the migration of some metals.

With these two new Converter, ILVA has now a coloring system that complies with the new restrictions and regulations imposed by the European standard EN 71-3: 2013 (Toy safety), which allows to create any color desired in all gloss levels.